The world of technology is moving to mobile devices, and we are here to help! For years, we have been creating native mobile applications to meet the needs of our clients.

Cormo Mobile Guides

One of our flagship solutions is the Cormo Mobile Guide system, which enables the creation of mobile travel guides. Thanks to the modularity, our guide allows to adjust the solution to the individual needs of the client. Everything is managed by the client through a convenient panel accessible via a web browser.

The guides are informative about the city, region or specific topic. Interesting presentation of the location allows to increase the interest of tourists in such a place. Our application is therefore an important tool for tourist organizations or local governments to increase the tourist attractiveness of the region.

A dedicated tourist module provides access to a base of accommodation and catering services, information on possible forms of recreation and interesting attractions. A navigator that uses geolocation ensures navigation along tourist routes. It is also possible to use the module activating users, using the GPS module for educational games with elements of gamification. The news module and the calendar of events can be an excellent channel of communication with the inhabitants of the city or region, while offering access to a rich database of articles or local information. Everything supplemented with push notifications, so that the user does not have to actively use the application to be informed about the above-mentioned events.

Our solution is flexible enough to allow the implementation of the client’s boldest ideas. And so, in our guides you can find a module of public transport timetables, a voice assistant, a speech synthesizer (allows you to read the content of the application aloud, which is a significant support for the visually impaired) and augmented reality (augmented reality – overlaying photos with places characteristic for the area).

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